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This is my first Ludum, I hope you enjoy. Sound make in BeepBox and BFXR, everything else done in GM: Professional.

You appear in a room with an open ceiling, it is so tall it must take a thousand wood logs to build a ladder out. You are confused but know you must escape. At that moment you notice the room has a seemingly infinite supply of seeds, it seems you will be here for a while so you must take care of yourself. You being a trained physician know you must supply yourself with vitamin A, B, D, E, and K. You also know you require carbohydrates, fats and proteins. You notice occasionally fish swim through the grate, a good source of food, but not stable. Eventually, you realize exploring the whole room is your best course of action, you are not very smart. You decided upon clicking everywhere that does not seem harmful to your survival, you also call touching clicking for some reason. No one knows how exactly you became a physician however irrelevant that is, I just thought I would mention it. Anyway, you notice a piece of paper for some reason gives your current health-statistics. You decide to survive and collect one thousand wood logs to build a ladder out. Let's see if you are SATIS.

Install instructions

Follow the installers instuctions.


TheSatis.exe 3 MB
TheSatisSource.gmz 1 MB

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